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About Andrew Elsoffer

Residing in Cleveland, Ohio, Andrew Elsoffer serves as a soccer coach, community influencer, and investment consultant. In many ways, the soccer field has always been Andrew’s sanctuary. His affiliation with the sport commenced during high school when he participated as a varsity player for four consecutive years. Andrew’s versatility extended across three disciplines, earning him letters in soccer, baseball, and hockey. Notably, his senior year saw the Shaker Heights Soccer Team progress to the state’s semifinals, an achievement Andrew attributes to the hard work and commitment his team showcased.

Upon completing his studies in 1982, Andrew Elsoffer‘s post-graduation path led him to a semi-professional soccer journey in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He honed his skills as an integral Ann Arbor Cannon Soccer Club member, leaving a noteworthy mark. This initial chapter in his soccer career laid the foundation for greater achievements as he transitioned into professional play, donning the jersey of the Detroit Kickers from 1983 to 1984.

Yet, as Andrew Elsoffer directed his focus towards a flourishing career as a financial advisor, a void began to manifest in his life – a yearning for the camaraderie, exhilaration, and challenges that soccer had always offered. Driven by this innate passion, he embarked on a quest to reignite his involvement with the sport that had captured his heart. This pursuit led him to coaching, where Andrew found a way to not only relive his connection to soccer but also nurture budding players’ skills and aspirations.

Over the course of more than two decades, Andrew Elsoffer‘s coaching endeavors have spanned a diverse spectrum of teams. He has lent his expertise to high school, college, and club teams, instilling in them the values of teamwork, discipline, and unwavering dedication. Beyond the pitch, Andrew’s commitment to soccer extended to leadership roles within his community. Notably, he held the esteemed position of President in the Orange Crush Soccer League, a testament to his enduring dedication and influence within his hometown.

Andrew Elsoffer considers his coaching journey among his life’s most fulfilling chapters. Throughout the active season, he devotes a substantial portion of his schedule – often five evenings a week or even more – to the field, where his passion for mentoring and guiding young minds comes to life. Andrew firmly believes that coaching presents him with the most significant platform to enact positive change in the lives of the youth he engages with.

In his coaching role, Andrew Elsoffer wholeheartedly advocates for a philosophy that places the team’s collective spirit at the forefront while fostering deep-seated respect for each individual’s unique contributions. This coaching avenue has allowed him to imprint his values onto the young athletes he guides, showcasing his dedication to nurturing a sense of unity, mutual support, and personal growth within the framework of the team.

When he’s not actively engaged in the field, Andrew Elsoffer dedicates himself to diligently serving his clients as an investment advisor. With an impressive track record spanning over 25 years in the industry, he has accumulated experience and expertise. Moreover, during a notable phase following his college graduation, Andrew embarked on a distinct venture – establishing and managing his own event management enterprise in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This endeavor provided him with invaluable insights into the pivotal role that community connections play in business operations.

In his capacity as an entrepreneur, Andrew Elsoffer cultivated a profound understanding of the significance of fostering strong ties within the community. Notably, he adeptly navigated and established numerous high-profile affiliations during his tenure. Serving as the University of Michigan Event Specialist and later as the Event Coordinator for the Avis Center of Excellence, he skillfully facilitated various connections. These experiences significantly influenced Andrew’s approach to business, instilling within him a priority for people-centered interactions, a knack for meeting deadlines, and an unwavering commitment to executing tasks with precision and excellence.

Beyond his enthusiasm for soccer, Andrew Elsoffer boasts a profound affinity for the great outdoors. Engaging in pursuits such as hiking, cycling, kayaking, deep water fishing, and horseback riding, he emerges as a true aficionado of outdoor experiences. The genesis of this adventurous spirit can be traced back to a pivotal moment – a long-haul bicycle expedition with a close friend after his college days. This transformative journey imbued him with a harmonious connection to his surroundings, nurturing deep reverence and affection for the natural world.

Given the opportunity, Andrew Elsoffer, alongside his wife, with whom he shares three decades of marriage, and their son, Lenny, wholeheartedly embraces the prospect of family vacations and travels. Together, they embark on explorations to some of the most stunning and untamed landscapes both within the United States and abroad. 

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