Andrew Elsoffer

Outdoor Activities and the Joy of Adventure

About Andrew Elsoffer

Andrew Elsoffer, based in Cleveland, Ohio, is a community leader, investment advisor and soccer coach. When he’s not working diligently on the field, in the office, or with his friends and neighbors, Andrew can be found enjoying the great outdoors. He credits his love for nature to a trip he took after graduating college in 1982. 

Two days after graduation, Andrew and his roommate of four years embarked on a 6-week long bike ride from the University of Michigan to Stony Brook College in New York. At the start of their journey, the duo was biking approximately 50 miles per day. They rode through the idyllic landscapes of Michigan, visiting Mackinaw Island, through Manitoulin Island in Canada, and crossed back into the country by way of the Finger Lake region of New York. By the end of their trip, they were clocking about 100 miles per day. Upon their arrival at Stony Brook, they were skinny as rails but filled with the joy of adventure.

Since then, Andrew has made time to get out into nature, looking for a big adventure, at least a few times every year. The post-graduation bike ride showed him the beauty and solace to be found under an open sky. Most of his nature-filled trips take place in Michigan. The state has always, and always will, have a special place in his heart. It is where he graduated college, married his wife and where their son was born! The Elsoffers love the state so much they have built a second home there. Trips to Michigan often consist of kayaking or canoeing, deep water fishing, horseback riding, or simply hiking a long, leisurely trail. Now that the house is finished, Andrew tries to find the opportunity to enjoy all of the seasons in Michigan. 

When he’s not on his latest adventure, Andrew Elsoffer offers financial planning advice and investment strategies to his community. With over 25 years of experience in the finance industry, he has become a trusted source of planning advice for his community. At the beginning of his professional career, Andrew created and operated his own catering and event management business after working for the University of Michigan as an Event Specialist. His time as an entrepreneur set in motion his long-standing, people-first business philosophy. 

Another one of Andrew’s commitments has been to teach the sport of soccer to young athletes, resulting in a 20 year run as a coach in his community. As a high school and college athlete, the soccer field was where Andrew felt most at peace. What’s more, it’s where he feels he can make the greatest impact with the student athletes of his community. Andrew has always claimed that the one thing in his control is his attitude. By example, he brings his best attitude to every practice, scrimmage, or game… hoping that his players will do the same. Andrew Elsoffer has has made a lifetime commitment to the young people he has coached throughout the years.

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