For the adventurous, there are destinations throughout Europe that promise thrilling experiences, beautiful sites, great exercise, and memorable moments. Here are exciting outdoor adventures that are sure to be remembered:

Coastal Cycle Path in Sweden

Viewing the beauty of Sweden while riding a bicycle is exhilarating. The Kattegalleden, Sweden’s first national cycle path, runs along the beautiful coast as it connects Helsingborg, a city in the south, and Gothenburg, a northern town. Divided into sections, Gothenburg offers places to eat and stay, servicing for bicycles and bicycles for hire. Fascinating destinations along the way include quaint fishing villages, Kärnan tower, and Sofiero Castle and garden. The path leads to Höganäs and out to the breathtaking, craggy landscape of Kullahalvön. It then ends in Helsingborg. 

Sailing and Mountaineering Adventure Challenge in Ireland

For those who love competition and adventure, the Irish Sailing and Mountaineering Adventure Challenge takes place in May in County Cork at Kinsale. There, yacht crews sail first to hills, one of which is the highest in Ireland. After landing, the competitors run the Brandon Ridge, then finish the race at a pub in County Kerry at the town of Dingle. Those who wish to compete but are not part of a crew can charter a yacht or join another team in the race and run the last leg. 

Family Canoeing

For a more relaxed adventure, there is a 13 km canoe trip down the Hérault River near Montpellier, France, in the wooded southeastern part of the country near Nice. The water is beautiful as there are waterfalls and calm lakes on whose shores travelers can rest and sunbathe.

Hiking in the Dinaric Alps of Bosnia-Herzegovina

The Dinaric Alps are stunningly beautiful and populated with some of the tallest people in the world. There are gorgeous rainforests, and rivers that run through the mountains have clean water that has never been contaminated or polluted by human activities. A trek across these mountains, although rugged, is filled with spectacular sights and pristine beauty. Tourists can conveniently camp in the mountains.

Cycling in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, cycling is a convenient mode of transportation used by over one-third of the population. The book Het Fieterspad contains multitudes of routes to take. Touring bicycles are available for rent for less than €10 a day, and hotel prices are low. Cycling through the northern and southern parts of the country that have a scenic variety is quite enjoyable.