With as many as eight mountain ranges that include five peaks of more than 5,000 feet (Mount Rogers is the highest at 5,729 feet), Virginia is a state whose beauty people can enjoy in various ways. Engaging in outdoor activities such as hiking is one way to delight in this beauty. Virginia has numerous trails that many mountain lovers consider among the best for interest and enjoyment. Among the ideal hiking destinations are the following:

Maymount (Richmond)

Maymont has a historic estate of 100 acres with a park right in the center of Richmond that has unique features, gardens, native wildlife habitats, and an arboretum. The Robins Nature Center provides things to do while out walking the miles of trails in the historic park.

Humpback Rocks

Located in Lyndhurst, VA, on the Blue Ridge Parkway’s northern end, Humpback Rocks is among the most popular hiking locations. The trails there are marked with their level of difficulty and their length. There is also a wheelchair-accessible visitor’s center.

Old Rag Mountain

One of the renowned hikes in Shenandoah, Old Rag Mountain, rises to 3,284 feet. The most popular route is a loop of nine miles that begins at the Old Rag parking lot on the end of Rt. 601.

Kennedy Peak Trail

This trail in the Shenandoah Valley is a popular hike of 9.2 miles from start to finish. The views are fantastic from the ascent of 1,320 ft. Along the way, there are many beautiful wildflowers.

White Rock Falls Loop

Rated as moderate in difficulty and located near Montebello, VA, on Blue Ridge Parkway, this 4.7-mile trail has several activity options. If dogs are on leashes, they are permitted on this trail.

Peaks of Otter

Close to Bedford, Virginia, Peaks of Otter’s trail has two mountains overlooking the Jefferson National Forest. With its natural beauty, travelers are inspired by the two majestic mountains that they can view as they progress along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Hikers have six trails from which to choose and the lodge has more than 60 good-sized rooms and a restaurant.

Crabtree Falls Trail

In Nelson County is the highest cascading waterfall that is east of the Mississippi River. There are five primary cascades and several smaller ones that descend a distance of 1,200 feet.

Wild Oak Trail

In Western Virginia, Wild Oak Trail is a loop of 28.2 miles in the George Washington National Forest. Wild Oak’s many trails and forest lanes provide hikers with a beautiful variety.