Have you ever wanted to learn photography? If you have, then check out some of these handy online photography courses. Whether you want to learn how to take better photos on your smartphone or explore the artistic side of photo editing using Adobe Photoshop, a course can help you achieve your goal. Although you may be able to create striking compositions straight out of the camera, sometimes it’s good to have a little assistance. These commandingly powerful courses will help you perfect your skills and produce amazing art. The following list includes the best places in the world for learning about photography and step-by-step tutorials that will teach you all about photography.

The Photo Life Academy

The Photo Life Academy has rather interesting free photography courses available. Their website boasts more than a million images, hundreds of tutors, and high-quality video lessons based on their research into what it takes to be a successful photographer. Each course contains six photo tutorials that help ensure you get the most out of your camera. The program is available on iOS and Android devices and desktop computers.

Future Learn

Future Learn offers five courses to help you learn how to take better photos. They are free and available on iOS and Android devices and desktop computers and tablets. Using content rich with insights, lessons can be completed at your own pace. Future Learn also offers a variety of other courses that teach you how to use the camera on your smartphone.


Masterclass has a wide variety of courses taught by experts in their field. Joe McNally teaches how to take incredible photos in one of their classes. In this class, he shares his expert knowledge about photography. You can learn what equipment he uses, tips for getting out of tight spaces, etc. Masterclass offers classes taught by a variety of professionals and video tutorials on their website.

The Digital Photography School

The Digital Photography School has five tutorials available on its website. Each video lesson is divided into two parts, a lecture, and a Q&A session. This helps you find out more about the subject and connect with the tutor better through questions and answers. The class is offered in an online format for free, but if you want to take it in person, you can arrange for private course instruction anywhere in the world.