If you spent time hiking and camping in nature as a kid, you might be craving a return to the simplicity of time outdoors. Spending time in nature is a great way to unwind and reduce the stress in your life, and you can embrace the sun and fun you had when you were younger.

Even if you’re not that far removed from your childhood, it’s still good to reconnect with the wilderness before you lose the memory of it. In either case, using smart outdoor products makes outdoor activities all the sweeter.

A global pandemic only exacerbated an already growing desire to get back outdoors and away from a 24/7 digital world. Once lockdowns were lifted in many places, citizens flocked to parks and trails like never before. Part of it was trying to get past the claustrophobia of being cooped up in tight spaces for so long. Another part of it was just how few options there were.

Even as the world reopened, getting out into nature appealed to many given how social distancing inherently came with the activity. Still, for going back in time, so to speak, to spend time in nature, modern technology has created some wonderful smart products for the outdoors.

New styles of sunglasses do the job they’re supposed to do of protecting the wearer’s vision from harsh sunlight. However, they can also do it in incredible style, making wearers always fashionable. What’s more, they can even be made out of recycled products so that they’re sustainable and help preserve the Earth everyone is trying to savor and enjoy.

Many new smart outdoors products maintain the theme of protecting the world’s resources while also helping people honor and enjoy nature. From sustainably made camping chairs to portable water faucets that minimize liquid loss, there are many great camping tools you can use, whether you camp out of the back of your SUV or backpack deep into the woods.

You can even use smart outdoor products to save money as well as the world. Many are designed with serious durability in mind. You won’t have to replace them anytime soon. So, expect years of enjoyment and functionality out of certain products, so long as you take good care of them along the way.