Many photography lovers often wonder about the best app for editing photos, making collages or designing graphics. It depends on the exact type of photography needs one has since different photo apps have different strengths in their respective specialties.

Some people will say that the best photo app is the one that makes photos look good, while others will say it’s the one that has all their favorite filters and effects. The truth is, there is no single app that suits every photo lover. This list covers a variety of photo apps that every photographer would like to know more about.

What is the best photo-enhancing app? There are different types of apps to choose from, and it depends on the specific preference that one is looking for.

Best Selfie Photo Apps

Anyone looking for an app that will allow them to take the perfect selfie will find this article very useful. Selfie lovers love these apps because they make it easy to get the perfect photo every time. The three selfie-specific apps that top this list are Snow Selfie, FaceTune, and PicsArt. All three offer excellent filters and effects that make it easy to snap the best selfie ever.

Best Photo Editing Apps

VSCO and Snapseed allow users to edit their photos and add fun filters and cool effects before posting them. VSCO has a detailed editing feature, while Snapseed offers more intuitive editing tools.

Those passionate about editing photos to the last detail will find Adobe Photoshop very convenient. It is popular since it gives the user an upper hand since every photo is edited uniquely. Adobe Photoshop belongs to the crème de la crème of photo editing apps that guarantee flawless photos.

There are also a variety of collage editing photo apps for the photo lover who fancies organizing photos into collages. Pic Stich is one of the apps, and it allows the user to stitch different photos to create a single image that looks amazing. Furthermore, it has cool additional features like adding text to the photos or drawing shapes. In addition, Pic Stich does not leave watermarks on the photos, giving the user superior ownership rights when used.