With all the tents now out on the market, it can be hard to find the right one. Some offer a lot of space while others are more comfortable while not having as much room. There’s also the question of what brand to use.

Top Spacious Tents For Families

These are some of the top family tents on the market. They all are, at least, 6 person tents. This usually means room for 2-4 adults with room for 2-3 kids. These tents are stormproof and provide and plenty of room to relax. There is also room to store gear along with some add ons if you desire. These are just a few of the thousands of tents on the market, so don’t just stick to those 5. Make sure to research, read reviews, and make sure the company is reputable.

Space vs. Luxury

This is where most of the challenge is. The obvious choice would be the best of both worlds, but that’s not always an option. But if it is definitely go with that. Although, if you have to choose between more space or a nicer tent, the best option to do is go with the more spacious tent.

Why Space Over Luxury?

Space is much more valuable than luxury when it comes to tents. With so many new technologies there are so many products you can utilize to improve the condition of the tent and make it more comfortable. With more space, there is more room to add things in to make the tent more comfortable.

There are thousands of tents on the market so it can be a daunting task when buying one. Just remember to prioritize space over luxury. It is also a good idea to research the company and the specific tent you are interested in buying. Also, when a tent says it fits 6-8 that typically means 2-3 adults and 2-3 kids comfortably.