Post-Covid travel will look markedly different from before, but travelers’ attitudes about seeing the world will change for the better in some ways. With an emphasis on sustainable travel, in-depth experiences, and a newfound appreciation for the “Great American Road Trip,” travel in a world post-pandemic will change how we view journeys.

A Focus on Domestic Travel

As of this writing, many countries have restricted travel or closed off their borders to leisure travel altogether. For United States citizens, this means that the ability to travel has been drastically limited. Despite these restrictions, Americans still want to travel and have been turning to domestic travel instead. Road trips, RV rentals, camping, and short-stay vacations are the new trend in travel, revitalizing struggling tourist destinations and keeping small hotels in business in the wake of reduced travel.

A Return to the Great Outdoors

The old pastime of camping has seen new life as travelers seek experiences to travel while social distancing. Instead of cramming themselves into crowded theme parks, packed tourist destinations, and overcrowded malls, travelers are going for nature walks, hiking, camping, and glamping. Small cabins for two or three are becoming a trend, with people choosing to travel with only their families instead of large groups.

Bucket List Trip Planning

Pent up demand for travel means that travelers will think big when it comes to their next trip. Destinations like Antarctica, around the world voyages, and luxury cruises will top the travel list when the world finally re-opens post-Covid. People are already planning Iceland trips to see the Northern Lights, Argentina for solar eclipses, and the Maldives for overwater bungalow stays. When the opportunity presents itself, the top destinations will see a flood of travelers who want to cross off items on their bucket list once and for all.

Sustainability Travel

When the world shut down, environmentalists reported an increase in air quality, a return of wildlife, and a reduced footprint worldwide. Travelers post-Covid will want to return to travel that reduces its impact on the world’s ecosystems, so natural resorts, eco-friendly lodging, and environmentally friendly air travel will see increased demand from travelers.

Post-Covid travel will look quite different than the world before the pandemic, with travelers focusing on staying close to home and preserving the environment.