Seniors are a growing demographic, and as such, they often need assistance when preparing for their next vacation. This blog post discusses travel tips for seniors.

Buy Travel Insurance

One of the travel tips for seniors is to make sure they buy travel insurance. Travel insurance protects against a variety of risks such as theft, trip cancellation, and delays. This protection can be helpful for seniors who are prone to injury. Travel insurance also covers medical emergencies, which may arise when traveling to other countries.

Select an Aisle Seat on Long Flights

Seniors may want to select an aisle seat on long flights if traveling alone. This will give them more room and make it easier for them to get up out of their seat without disturbing other passengers. This will also avoid the awkwardness of their needing to ask for assistance from other passengers. If traveling with a friend or family member who requires assistance, then seniors should sit at the window so their companion can assist them as needed.

Keep Medicines Handy

Seniors should keep a pouch of essential medicines handy when traveling. This will enable them to treat everything from a headache to a bout of motion sickness. It’s also important for seniors to have their own personal supply of whatever medications they may need on hand if the plane is grounded due to inclement weather or other problems.

Get to the airport early

Seniors should arrive at the airport early for their flights. This will allow them to move slowly through security checkpoints and board the plane without feeling rushed or stressed out. It will also give them plenty of time to ask any questions they may have about which terminal they should go to, as well as find a seat onboard the aircraft before takeoff.

Don’t be afraid to ask attendants for help Comfortably

Seniors should wear clothing that is comfortable when flying. This will include shoes with good traction and extra blankets if they are prone to being cold on long flights. Seniors should also have a pair of light slippers handy, just in case their flight happens to be unusually uncomfortable for some reason.

Skip the alcohol and drink lots of water

Seniors should avoid consuming alcohol before and during the flight, as the dehydration that results from this can worsen jet lag. It’s also important for them to drink lots of water on flights. This will help keep their blood pressure steady and improve overall circulation.

Have healthy snacks on hand

Seniors should always have healthy snacks on hand when traveling. This will provide them with the energy they need to get through long flights. Seniors can also pack their favorite comforts, such as blankets and pillows that smell like home to help ease them into their travel routine once airborne.