For some people, backpacking is an integral part of their lives. It can be exciting and challenging to set out on your own, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. Although everyone starts somewhere with backpacking, it’s still fun and adventurous to do it for the first time. Getting into backpacking is a fantastic experience that will never be forgotten. This guide will talk about some of the most surprising and important things you’ll learn during your first trip.


Joys of Traveling Alone

Even though you might feel scared or unsure, it’s normal for most people to feel this way during their first trip. After settling into your new life as a backpacker, you might start feeling lonely. This will pass in a day or two. Just chill out and enjoy being alone. By being on your own, you can do whatever you want, whenever you want.


Ease of Making Friends

You’ll eventually meet another backpacker going through the same experience as you. They’re traveling alone and looking for people to connect with. Unlike in high school, you won’t feel like everyone is critical of you. You’ll likely get along with everyone because they’re all very friendly.


You Don’t Need Much

One of the most common mistakes people make when traveling is carrying too much gear. This is because if you buy something while you’re at your destination, you will have to carry it all the way back. If you’re planning on traveling with a lot of stuff, you should only pack a small amount of equipment below the 20kg limit for airlines.


Comfort Over Style

You’ll constantly be walking as a backpacker, so make sure you have versatile clothes. After all, playsuits are not practical when you’re out and about. Instead, opt for simple garments such as shorts, a shirt, and shoes.


People Are Helpful

If you don’t ask for help, you’ll not get anywhere. Having people help you is very important; they aren’t as unhelpful as they seem. One of the most important lessons you should learn during your first trip is to ask for help. Even though it might seem like an impossible request, it’s essential to do so. You should never hide the fact that you need help. Most people will gladly assist you if you are in need.